cliff dweller for cydwoq men’s

collection will be available July 13th at

CLIFF DWELLER is a collaboration between CYDWOQ shoes and designer/artist Ari Balouzian. Balouzian graduated UCLA with a degree in linguistics, while also apprenticing with his father, designer and architect Rafi Balouzian. After designing over 30 styles for CYDWOQ, he started CLIFF DWELLER as a way of bringing his aesthetic established by the audio visual project of the same name to functional and unique footwear. The GRAPHITE journal of the Hammer museum describes CLIFF DWELLER as work that “transports you to a dusky strange planet where the old American midwest, deep sea monsters, and warped interpretations of Hollywood classics come alive and illogically coexist.” Each style on the website is made in a limited quantity with handpicked vegetable tanned leathers from the Italy and is all handmade in Burbank, CA.

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